Living water

Water is the secret of life on our planet and without it nothing would exist. Our planet has been purifying the surface water since it’s creation and nothing else would be needed if Nature were left alone to do its work. That is exactly what BWW is doing by introducing Living Water System to pool and fountain designs. We utilize our knowledge and manmade technology to assist Nature in this natural process.
Our system relies on the natural treatment of water through plants, minerals, substrates and microorganisms working together to keep the water clean and healthy. The efficiency of the cleaning process is dependent on the structure of the soil populated by microorganisms acting as natural filters.  Marsh and water plants play an important role in the cleaning as well as in the constant flow of water through the screening filter.
For swimming pools and water display features, the system is divided into two areas: one is called the bio-regeneration zone or BRZ, and the other the clean zone. The BRZ is strictly for biological and physical purification of the water and is never to be used for swimming, bathing, recreation, or display.  Here a recurrent process is happening: organic substances in the form of leaves and pollen fall into the water supplying additional nutrients. At this point the microorganisms come into play transforming the organic and non-organic substances into smaller particles with less energy that are stored in the soil and utilized by the plants.

The clean zone, on the other hand, contains the naturally purified water suitable for swimming or for fountain displays. These two areas maintain a healthy biological balance.
The BRZ and the clean zone can be incorporated as a fully integrated system for swimming ponds through a combined arrangement of elements.
Mechanical Cleaning: NO BACKWASH
The separation of organic substances like leaves and pollen happens in two steps. Coarser impurities are strained via pre-screening devices at the pool surface. Then the water runs through a finer gravity filter that catches the smaller floating impurities and then is pumped back into the ground for the biological cleaning.
Dissolved organic substances as well as unhealthy germs are decomposed in the biological unit. The biological cleaning takes place thanks to the natural filter, which consists of soil and plants. The cleaning unit is part of the garden and can be placed anywhere as a distinctive element of an integrated design.