MAD-flow system

Archiwater Collaborative, Consulting and Design has developed an application-software to provide the best performance possible without comprising the design effects, thus reducing power consumption, water, waste, chemicals, thus reducing CO2 and carbon foot-print.

MAD-flow is comprised of calculating/selecting pumps based on the lowest kilowatt consumption and monitoring and controlling electrical utility’s peak power to reduce consumption at site and to maximize design effects at low power peaks.

MAD-flow will monitor and control:

  • Chemical demand based site needs
  • Water consumption based on demand and evaporation
  • Waste water discharge from filter backwash and overflow
  • Rainfall and wind conditions
  • Crowd volume and vandalism
  • Equipment operation and shutdown

MAD-flow will assist operators and maintenance personal in monitoring and controlling the system via BMS and mobile phone. This will improve the aquatic system’s lifetime and also reduce manpower hours allocated to maintenance and operation, therefore reducing costs.

MADflow Diagram