Rain harvest

Rain water is abundant and free all over our planet Earth. The Atacama Desert in Chile is the place with the least amount of rain on Earth, approximately 0.6mm a year. Even then with a collection surface of 1000 m2, it would yield approximately 600 liters.

Archiwater Collaborative, Consulting and Design. is dedicated to studying and promoting rain harvesting since water is Nature’s gift and it is the essence for survival for any living thing.

Archiwater Collaborative, Consulting and Design. incorporates the rain harvesting to supply recycled water to the Living Water System, Conventional Water Features, Landscape Irrigation, Toilet Flushing and Machine Washing.

Our services include complete study of hydrological site records, geology of the terrain, collection surface examination, water consumption, proposal, design, construction administration and cost/savings analysis.

Archiwater Collaborative, Consulting and Design. Rain harvesting will sustain and enable your landscape design ambitions without compromising the potable water supply even in areas of drought. Further, it will assist with flood and erosion control.